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Not telling him how you feel, however, is not very betchy.” one of his friends has probably asked him the same thing.Okay, make that once for every five times, because let’s be honest, bros don’t talk about this shit as much we do. Which means he’s had to define your relationship to his friends. He probably met someone else in the mean time or just moved on. But there ARE ways to become less vulnerable to those hurt feelings.It’s only natural that you’d like to make him happy by hopping into bed and making all his wildest dreams come true. A lot of women even believe that having sex with a man ensures that he’ll like her even more.

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Once they have sex, he’ll just have to have feelings for her, right? No matter what you are looking for, I suggest that you don’t look at this event with regret.

The next morning he said, "It was very nice meeting you, I'll call you when I come to your hometown next month." He was passing through for a surfing tournament. Men bond to women by pursuing them, taking them out on dates, learning how to make them smile, how to meet their needs, etc. So, the minute you were out of sight, the bond broke. After only two nights of drunken sex, it was flimsy to say the least. Sure, sex can lead to a relationship, I’m not saying otherwise.

The next month rolled by and I sent him a text, but nothing back! How do I read guys and not let it get to me emotionally? However, if your intention was to create a lasting connection with this man then, yes, you did something “wrong.” interested. The more of a courtship there is, the stronger that bond grows. But when a man has sex with a woman without a bond, he genuinely doesn’t know if he’s interested in pursuing things further.

Either way, he’s considered his stance on this issue and just because you keep things ambiguous with each other doesn’t mean there isn’t an answer at the end of the day.

If you’re enjoying what’s going on, but you’d say "FUCK YEAH" if he asked you to be his girlfriend, then you should tell him how you feel.


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