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According to two colleagues and a taxi driver, it happens to blokes all the time.My successful and gorgeous friend Missy Q found herself once more unlucky in love the other week when she discovered this apparent fact during a mortifying incident of freakish dating behaviour.But late one night Missy Q woke to hear him quietly cursing to himself in an agitated state.

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The director of the competition reportedly got her back up at suggestions that this model, who is said to be 180cm tall and weigh 49kg, was too skinny.Comments that are offensive, defamatory, unsuitable or that breach any aspects of the terms and conditions will be deleted.I have to say that Daile is absolutely, utterly and unequivocally correct on the man drought.When radio funny men Hamish and Andy asked listeners to help them work out the Upper Efron (ie the oldest women in Australia lusting after the young singing, acting and dancing sensation) there were plenty over 40 fans and even an 80-year-old lady who admitting to sleeping wrapped up in Efron sheets. Follow me on Twitter for all the latest in gossip, entertainment and dating disasters throughout the week. I am in my late 20s and the only other people I know who like him are in their early teens. Haven't men been pulling the same thing for centuries? When a certain group of females got their hands on the Twilight DVD there was mass hysteria as smart women from all types of respectable professions (politics, media, arts, finance) lapped up the sexiness of the 22-year-old vampire. It's still kinda embarrassing to admit to loving the teenage flick some even dubbed emo (and I'm too old to really know what that means), but invariably when the time comes to confide in a friend… that woman admits that she's secretly on the Pattinson bandwagon too. We are loving a look we did not look twice at before. When posting comments on our blogs, you agree to be bound by our terms and conditions. I feel silly sometimes and wonder how I could be so infatuated. Yet I walk around all day dreaming of this young man and find myself giddy when I hear new reports. And women are being "corrected" for the same thing. I've seen 17 Again four times, and am thinking of going again today. LOL Oh, and I guess I should remind everyone to go to and vote for Zefron for best actor and RPat for best breakthrough. :) ----------------------------------------------------------- Everybody loves a winner! She'd been dating a lovely boy in his late 20s and everything was going fabulously.


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