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Meredith and Derek, Olivia and Fitz, Rachel and Ross.

Some TV love stories have a way of sticking with viewers, but no prime-time romance has come close to the pull that Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev) has to Damon Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder).

He's never going to not be about Elena, so this first chapter is life after Elena.

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Elena puts one last nail in the coffin that is her relationship with Stefan, declaring to him, “This is who I am now. Let her go.” He takes this to mean, “Move on” — because his ex is certainly doing so.

At The Bronze, a couple of guys try to intimidate them.

They perform a spell on the boys to make fun of them, but soon they begin to perform more and more complex spells, filling the Bronze with strangely dressed people, sheep, mutations and so on.

After more than three seasons of foreplay, Elena finally gave in to her feelings and had sex with Damon. Caroline’s got a theory that Elena is sired to Damon!

Let’s start back at the beginning when Elena explains to her friend that she’s confused and needs to figure out what her feelings for the older Salvatore brother mean.


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