Motorcyclist dating

Whether he is the initiator or the replier, the signals are the same.Following are the five main hand gestures you may encounter: 1.I’m referring to that secret “wave” that oncoming bikers may or may not flash each other as they pass on the highway. I’ve been riding my entire adult life and I’ve been paying attention.

When you ride alone on the road, you may want to meet a single women motorcycle rider to ride together, or take her on your backseat.Female motorcycle rider club is a warm-hearted community for biker women and biker men to meet up for love and more.Here you can meet single a woman riding motorcycle in your area and share riding experience with her.Believe it or not, there are some very subliminal and undocumented rules regarding this situation – and I’m going to share them with you now. If you both are either wearing a DOT helmet or not odds increased again.Equity and the Odds of Engagement The odds of receiving a wave from an oncoming biker are first and foremost governed by the “laws of equity.” This means that the more things you have in common with him the better chance he will engage as either the initiator or the replier. If you both are riding the same “type” of bike, such as chopper, rocket or touring motorcycle, then your odds are increased as well. IF you both are riding Harleys and not wearing a DOT helmet “and im not telling you not to wear a DOT helmet,” the odds of a hand gesture between the two of you are VERY high.Biker Kiss has been dedicated to biker dating services online for over 15 years since 2001.


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