Updating tom tom go

Like other sat-navs in this range, however, the GO 5000 includes free traffic updates.Being a 1000-series rather than a 100-series Tom Tom GO, the 5000 comes with Live services built-in as well as its own mobile data link.View full description In my opinion Sat Nav is the greatest motoring innovation since the steering wheel.I've got a pretty dodgy sense of direction and my map-reading skills are about as useful as a bat without sonar.We have commended Tom Tom Traffic (previously known as HD Traffic) many times in the past, and it remains our favourite live traffic service.

Last year I tried to update my maps using the discount code they sent me.The Tom Tom GO 5000 is Tom Tom’s premium range-topping 5-inch sat-nav.While this is essentially the little brother of the 6-inch GO 6000, its release coincides with a significant update to the software, which brings with it some important new features.Everything is easy to follow courtesy of the program's helpful setup wizards.Purchased a Tom Tom GO 6200 in Italy for use in Europe.For two years, I continue to get errors and cannot update the maps on my device. I HATE THE LACK OF INTUITIVENESS EXHIBITED BY THIS COMPANY! I think Tom Tom is scaling back its business - if not folding.


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